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In Chanak with the British Army

by P. J. Bothwell, edited by Bernard de Broglio

Captain P. J. Bothwell, having enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in World War II.

In 1922, war between Turkey and Britain was but hours away. A resistance army led by Mustafa Kemal had swept the Greeks from Anatolia and was now ready to march north to Constantinople and liberate the capital. But in its way stood a small British garrison at the Dardanelles.

This affectionate account of the British Army at Chanak was written by a peripatetic Englishman, Percival James Bothwell, under the pseudonym ‘Z’. He was branch secretary of the YMCA in Chanak.

Bothwell’s account was originally published as a slim paperback by S. Dirmikis & Son, Constantinople, probably in 1923.

This modern edition is a faithful reproduction of the original text. It has been illustrated with contemporary photographs and two maps. Included as appendices are a biography of Bothwell, two stories by Bothwell from the YMCA magazine, The Red Triangle, and orders of battle for British forces at Chanak 1922/1923.

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About the book


  1. A brief biography of P. J. Bothwell
  2. The YMCA at Chanak
  3. Orders of battle for British forces at Chanak 1922/1923

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